[urq] just some pictures cody took

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Tue Sep 11 19:49:01 PDT 2007

Since Cody took some pictures of some of my cars and engines when he visited
last week I thought I'd use them to show what the engine looks like on the
UrQ.  I have not had a chance to post any pictures lately or make updates to
my site.  I have a ream of information on these conversions.

The engine installed in '83 Ur Quattro: for more but older shots of the car
-http://www.gtquattro.com/UrQInga.html  The engine is MC-1 rebuilt with
align-bored block/crank with 1 size-over main bearings, piston assemblies
balanced to nearest gram.  Reworked NF head 42I 38E valves and stock MC-2 cam
has external aux. water manifold(the final version not shown in these
pictures).  Intake manifold and throttle body are from WX engine, dual-piece
exhaust manifold, UrQ downpipe to 2.5" exhaust with free-flow cat.  K-24
turbo, Bypass valve is oriented to blowoff to turbo intake after filter and
forced air intake is being fabricated to fit car.  Using stock UrQ intercooler
for now.  Engine is being managed by separate ignition and EFI computers -
MAC-14 with dual knock sense ignition and most CIS components deleted, and
Megasquirt V2.2 EFI with MSExtra code pushing fuel through 38lb injectors (for
now).  Engine is mated to 5000 Quattro transmission using single-mass 3B
flywheel setup.  Engine has baffled oil pan from 7A.  Frankenmotor indeed, but
intention is to put together a durable high-rev. 10V I5 engine that fits car
well and retains original look/layout as original motor.


There is still a lot of tidying up to do, but so far I have it tuned well
enough to drive.  It actually runs better than it ever did with CIS, and I
have tuned very conservatively.

Cody also took some shots of the other engines I'm working on - one is
basically RS2 spec AAN going into '90 CQ a la ES2:
http://www.gtquattro.com/ES2CoupeQ.html and the other you can see with red
cover is 2.6 L stroker - not sure if it will be a 10V or 20V, or even what car
it will go in, but thought it would be need to build up this brand new motor.



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