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I have done exactly what you are trying to do.  You want to re-dye and
condition the leather to get best results.

Basically a three step process.

1.	Clean/prep thoroughly using a deglazer or Lexol cleaner.  If dye won't
set(step 2) you may need something stronger like isopropyl alcohol, but that
is only if a heavy wax buildup is preventing the dye from penetrating.

2.	Dye using leather dye - best to use same color, however can go from
light color to dark, like tan to brown or brown to black.  For the seats you
have you essentially need the brown tanning agent.  Wear rubber gloves and
know the rag will get trashed. It may be necessary to apply with a brush and
let soak with heavy application.   Careful about getting on skin as it will
tan your skin and does not wash off - I've had my skin tanned and eventually
the color fades out or gets absorbed. The dye I used is FLEBINGS #200 Dark

3.	Follow-up with Lexol Leather conditioner/Preservative.  Repeat #3

I did my whole interior.  It would be best to remove seats and panels to
outside the  car to do a better job.

You can see results:  http://www.gtquattro.com/UrQInga.html


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Has anybody tried re-dying their seats?  I'm hoping there is a good wipe-on
type dye.  Would be looking for the chocolate brown from '83 MY cars.
My seats are a little on the dry side - put some Color Plus Softener on them
over the weekend and put plastic wrap over them while in the sun - they seem a
little better now - will do another application.  The color seems a little
lighter in some areas now, tho...
'84 ur]

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