[urq] Identifying Audi Sport s/wheel

brady zq bradyzq at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 16 20:15:27 PDT 2007

I've got one of those on my 83 urq. I recently bought it (the steering 
wheel) from Mike Del Tergo.

It's a wonderful wheel, very luxurious feeling, mainly due to the padding on 
the rim.


>From: "SpotatAshleys" <spotatashleys at hotmail.com>
>I have another question to test you all on now.....
>I have had the good fortune to have been given an Audi Sport steering wheel 
>but it is nothing like any I have seen before. Has anyone else seen one, 
>got one or know what they were fitted to originally?
>The wheel was made in Italy by Italvolanti, is covered in brown leather, 
>has four horn buttons and on the back of the spokes has the following 
>ati-2    KBA 70027        23-1-85 (I guess this is the date of manufacture)
>and on the hub (which is detachable from the wheel) has the Audi part 
>number 321 419 661A.
>I've been through all my quattro books and can't find any photos of such a 
>wheel nor anything on google images. Any information will be gratefully 
>received. I'm just curious to know a bit more about it.
>Many thanks

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