[urq] Winter project?

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Tue Sep 18 12:32:48 PDT 2007

Yeah, this guy's been trying to sell this kit for a couple of months now.
I think the only item of value are the SQ rims.

You still need a car and body kit which will probably run $10k without
shipping (depending on where you get it).


> Frederick Smith
> http://cgi.ebay.de/Audi-Sportquattro-Umbausatz-Urquattro-Alu-9-x-15-Top_W0QQitemZ120163055537QQihZ002QQcategoryZ14769QQss
> PageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
> _______________________________________________

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