[urq] URQ factory service training manual

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Wed Sep 19 08:43:00 PDT 2007


I purchased a late '83 URQ this week from a pretty interesting guy. (U.S.
car but ordered with no sunroof and cloth interior. The owner bought it
strictly to rally) He gave me the factory service training manual that Karl
Behrer had given him back in the early '90s. It has no publishing date but
was obviously put out in or before 1983 because it has a picture of the
early fuse box. It is 52 pages long with pictures and pretty comprehensive
i.e. Technical data, Torque data, Turbo system, Vacuum hose diagrams,
Cooling system, Wiring diagram etc etc. I think it would be a great
assistance to every URQ owner.

Therefore, here is my proposal. The manual is in a spiral and can easily be
taken apart and copied except for a couple of diagram fold outs which may
take some extra time. The Audifans list has been a tremendous value to me
both as an owner and proprietor of Audis. Although I (like most of you) have
just sent in funds to Dan to help run this site; I am sure that any
additional monies would be well deserved and appreciated. I will personally
pay for the copying and mailing cost out of my own pocket if a certain
amount of people make an additional contribution to Audifans. I don't know
what the amount should be but my thoughts were $50 and a minimum of 50
contributors. That would give Dan some extra funds ($2500) to do whatever
with and you benefit from an invaluable source of information.. Email me
your thoughts and interest and I will proceed from there.  Regards, Peter (
Audionly at gmail.com)

Also I have a question please. I just purchased a second set of 8" Ronal
wheels but I am looking for the correct original tire size, make and model
tire that came on that wheel?

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