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Thanks to all of you who provided your thoughts!  I truly appreciate them!
You know, there is one more possibility 
 let’s say that I do go with the
MC-2 engine.  I’ve also got a set of the Wiseco pistons from a GP a long
time ago.  Does anyone know if these will work in the MC-2?  The pistons
have a crown very similar to that of the WX, not the dished indentation near
the spark plug like the MC-1 has.  Is it wise to open up the motor before
the swap or will that add risk?


Believe me, I’ve considered all those options in the past 
 I5-20V, I5-10V
with low compression and a big turbo 
 at one point I was even convinced
that a 3.6l V8-32V engine would be the perfect motor for an urq 
 I’ve come
back to the opinion that the newest flavor of the MC motor is optimum for my
 and Javad’s certainly shown what a higher compression,
turbocharged I5 is capable of 
 albeit that he does now prefer the 20V


One thing that influences my choice is the fact I live in Kaleefohnia and
the car will get a smog check every couple years.  If I keep a 10V motor in
it I’m going to be more likely to go through a standard 1983 Audi quattro
smog test without problems 
 and if someone notices that it isn’t the
correct 10V then I suppose I can go through the referee process without much
to worry about as I would install all of the emission equipment from the
newer engine.  


Javad’s group does some *fantastic* work, there’s no doubt about it.  I
guess the Scotsman in me makes me want to think of alternatives 
when I know what’s available using EFI332 or MegaSquirt for a fraction of
the cost.  My end goal is to have an EFI equipped engine, but I’m OK with
doing it in stages.  By sticking with CIS I know I won’t have to think about
the fuel system, changing the intake and all that 
 it is just whatever work
is needed to bolt up the engine under the hood.  I guess I’m going a bit
above that basic idea as I’m working through what it takes to work the
MC-2’s engine wiring harness into the urq’s loom 
 but that’s actually
looking to be fairly straightforward.  So, I can get the car back on the
road and legal in a short time with fairly low risk, and I can then start
working on the enhancement projects 
 EFI is one of the first of course, but
I’d love to use the urq as a testbed for trying out ION sensing for mixture
and knock detection 
 who knows what else 


Thanks again all!  It is fun to contemplate this sort of project again!


Steve B

San José, CA (USA)



Audisport heard you, or wrote the book...  The WRC Groupe B version of the
2.1liter engine from which the WX was derived was 6.3:1 compression in the
10vt trim known to put down in excess of 400hp...


Scott J

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If I may be allowed to paraphrase an old real estate acquaintance of mine:

"There's no such thing as compression that's too low, there's only too
little boost!"

A little attempt at humor...

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...The WX is a nice engine, but almost too low of compression.


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