[urq] MB brake question

milisen milisen at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 2 08:31:30 PDT 2008

i was thinking the same thing, but why is it dependant on hot weather? And why did it appear so extremely occasional?

helsinki, finland
-88 MB

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hi Joahn,

I'd say your brake servo is about to quit



> Hi Guys,
> I have a small problem, I beg your pardon if this has allready been 
> discussed on the list.
> My -88 MB does OCCASIONALLY the following:
> last summer on my way home sitting in heavy traffic, only on hot summers 
> days, and even then very occasionally, at first the brake pedal started to 
> feel a bit firm. I had no problem with lack of brake assist though and the 
> pedal travel was normal.
> When I got out on the motorway (about 80-100 km/h), and after a few 
> minutes drive the pedal went almost all the way to the floor, before the 
> brakes worked, and at this stage there were no assist on them. I have 
> never had a problem with brakes locking up.
> This happened about 3-4 times during whole last summer, and I drove the 
> car to work every day.
> The problem ought not be with the bomb while it is quite new. I cannot 
> remember how many times I can press the pedal before it gets hard, from 
> the top of my head approx. 20-30 times.
> The weird things are that this happened very occasionally and only when it 
> was hot, after sitting in heavy traffic, never during a traffic jam.
> Any ideas?
> Cheers,
> Johan
> Helsinki, Finland
> -88 MB with NEW window winders and studded tires

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