[urq] Door molding clips needed

craigcook at rogers.com craigcook at rogers.com
Thu Apr 10 13:48:08 PDT 2008

It's a long shot,
But I remember looking in a vw bug restoration catalog and I remember the clips
that hold the chrome trip along the doors looked almost identical to the urq clips
that your after.
You may want to look into that seeing as alot of those clips for the older bugs are
being reproduced.

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Subject: [urq] Door molding clips needed

During my UrQ restoration, I pulled the trim/molding off the pass door (the
one at the top of the door). All the clips broke. They are NLA. Does anyone
have a source for these or have any they want to sell me? I need to pull the
trim/moldings off the driver door and also the trim/molding under the side
glass. I'd like to have replacement clips "just in case" after seeing what
happened to the passenger door. Please call me or e-mail if you have
anything available.



856.577.3132 (cell)

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