[urq] Announcing the Rocky Mountain Quattro Celebration '08

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 00:04:02 PDT 2008

Your ur-q was one of the first that I got up close and Personal with.  And I
do remember you rolling it down the hill.  I was toward the back of the pack

Hmmm, so really, you are partially responsible for me addiction and why I
currently have 2 of these piles to throw money at.

Seriously though.  I hope I can make it in 08' but have no idea at this
point.  I probably cant come in an ur-q.  It would take a Miracle for me to
finish one in time.  But I would bring my 91' CQ if it was allowed.


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> Subject: Re: [urq] Announcing the Rocky Mountain Quattro Celebration '08
> ... Thanks Todd!  It was actually the first event ... AF97 ;-)  When I went
> out for AF98 it was to buy my first V8Q ... and I only made it as far as the
> parking lot at the museum before I had to head for home ...
> Actually, I doubt many folks remember the *after* the event situation ... it
> didn't want to start with the starter, but it fired right away after letting
> it roll downhill a bit ... :-)
> ... 'twas actually before the event when the famous picture was taken
> showing several audifans helping me get off the track before the race
> started.  I remember nursing the car up the hill in the traffic crawl to
> what, 13K feet, honing my heel-toe skills ... right as we were pulling off
> the road everybody stopped short for some reason and I needed to focus on
> not hitting the person in front of me ... so the engine died ...
> Great memories ... I want to make some new ones though!
> Steve
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> Hmm,
> Was that back around 1998,  when it wouldn't start after the Hill Climb?
> I seem to remember that.
> ;-)
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