[urq] Fuel Pump surge - still having problems

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Thu Apr 17 06:03:07 PDT 2008

Exactly - an internal pump would not have this problem as it is immersed in fuel and has
a rather large inlet at the very bottom.

Many of the post Type 44 cars are using two pumps  - there is a reason for this.

Cody,  I don't understand fully why the UrQ seems to be more prone to this problem than
some others, it just is.  I've had fuel delivery problems on this car since I got it.  I
noticed the air bubbles in the pre-filter a long time ago, just CIS didn't seem to mind
them.  With the higher flow in the EFI setup, the problem is a lot greater.  

I'm using the 044 pump which should be fine.


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Ben Swann wrote:
> That is what I gather based on my recent internet searches.  Found a
> lot of info on this - not unique to the Ur Quattro.  Problem happens
> on Mazda rotory setups, 280 Z's, 'Squirted VW's, etc.
> Ben

Must be sorta specific to cars with an external pump if thats the case. Each 
of the 3 5000's I've works great. Even the 911 I did with an external pump 
worked fine. Come to think of it EVERY car I MS'ed (10 I think) besides the 
3 5000's had external pumps with no internal helper pump, and 2 of those 
were previously CIS cars. You could try a EFI pump from a 84-89 911, even a 
944. Should have the same connections as your urQ pump, or at least simmilar 
enough to be trivial.

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