[urq] oil pressure gauge gremlin

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A while back I posted the request for help shown below. Several people
replied and I thank them for their time and efforts.
Anyway, I finally got to the bottom of it tonight. I dug out all my oil
pressure senders and fitted the one that was supposed to be correct for the
car ('87 WR - should have sender 056 919 081E and not the one it is fitted
with - 035 919 561A which has two terminals - WK and G) So I fit the 056
part. Oil light is on when I switch on ignition, goes off as I start engine
and after about 5 sconds comes back on along with autocheck voice - "check
the oil level".
So I put the 035 part back on and the oil light works as it should.
I know from previous tests that the gauge I want to fit works fine with the
035 part. So I simply piggy backed the terminal on the 035 part so that it
fed both the light and the gauge. Back to same problem with the oil light.
What I discovered was that both the warning light and the gauge work fine if
connected to the one terminal of the 035 part but not at the same time. So
the answer was to fit two of these senders. There are two drillings, so I
fitted two senders of the 035 variety, one for the light and one for the
gauge and both work as they should. Job ticket closed.
Thanks for all the help. I got there in the end. And it looks fine. I'll
post a picture when I get around to it.



'87 WR.

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> Here's a question for an Audifan with a WR engined quattro (or intimate
knowledge WRs)
> I want to fit a VDO oil pressure gauge (and oil temperature gauge) from a
Coupe GT. Currently, the car (an '87 WR) has a two terminal oil pressure
sender (terminals presumably marked WK and G - WK for autocheck and G for
gauge). One wire (Blue with white stripe) is connected to one of the
terminals but I can not see which terminal.
> To test the gauge before trying to fit it I connected the gauge signal
wire to the (currently) unused terminal on the sender. When the ignition was
switched on, it resulted in the gauge needle going all the way across the
scale suggesting a short to earth. I deduce from this that I had used the
wrong terminal (as I say, I can not see which terninal is which with it in
situ). So I disconnected the blue/white wire from the other terminal on the
sender and connected the new gauge signal wire to this. Now when I switch on
the ignition and start the engine the gauge works correctly. Only problem
now is that the oil pressure light on the dash stays on all the time and the
auto check lady keeps telling me to check the oil level.
> Anyone know a) what is happening b) what should be happening c) what
sender or senders the car should have and what they do, and what colour they
are/ part # etc.
> I do have another drilling in the block that could take a second sender if
that will achieve what I want i.e. the gauge to work and the autocheck to
function as it should also.
> I would stress that I know for certain that there is no problem with oil
pressure or oil level. This is purely an electrical issue.
> As always, any information gratefully received.
> Many thanks
> Keith
> '87 WR
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