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Mon Apr 28 19:45:31 PDT 2008

I am stoked!  Thanks Brandon!  That logo is *SO* cool!  I like the
disclaimers at the bottom too.  So, what if AoA offered to join in?  

Don't hesitate to post thoughts or needs to the list ... I would really like
to be able to help ... I'm sure there are others who are felling similarly.

I guess at the very least I need to put together my list of things that need
to get done to the car to make the trip ... 

I don't know how many SF Bay Area urq listers are on the bay area list ...
we're going to Kal's on Thursday (or maybe Wednesday :) ... perhaps we can
start talking about the trip ... 

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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Plans continue to develop for 'quattro 25 North America".
The website http://www.urq25.com/ is up however there are still a number of
things/activities to be determined and finalized.  We're working on it!
Our Colorado group is pumped up about making this a _great_ weekend- fun for
the ur-quattro owner and even the family with all the things to do in the
general area.
Bottom line this event is on.  We'll all be there.  We've heard from a
number of people around the country who plan to be here, too.  I see no
reason we should not have at least 50 ur-quattros, maybe more, we'll see.
Plan to be Glenwood Springs, CO August 8-10.
Stay Tuned - we'll keep you all posted as plans develop - and feel free to
keep checking the website.
'84 ur-quattro

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