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> Wylie wrote: you know, as much as I like slightly lowered ur-qs, I'd
> actually like to see that car shod with a set of pearl fuchs and some
> mudflaps.  It'd probably look halfway decent, even raised up.  More like a
> rallye car anyway.
> Andrew - That's how my '85 is set with the 2bennett coil overs. I'm done
> with the lowered suspension. I think the car looks great slightly raised.
> Andrew finney
> 1985 UrQ.

Hello Andrew:

I kind of ended up with a 'raised look', entirely by accident.

Pic at http://www.frankdekat.com/pics/ur4.jpg

I started out to refurbish the suspension.

First was to replace the strut inserts with Bilstien. At the same time, I
found that one of the top spring seats had failed, and a front spring was
rubbing on the body. I replaced the 'flat' spring seats with some from a 4Kq,
but those seats were a little higher.  At the same time, I replaced the old 
blue strut bushings with new green bushings (a bit taller too).

So.. Between the pressurized Bilstiens, the higer spring seats, and the
taller bushings, the front went up a bit more that I though right.

When I did the back, same thing happens there.  More of the 'flat' spring
seats were no good. And I installed 4Kq front springs in the rear, as I was
tired of the butt end being lower than the front.

While it may look a bit 'odd', it does handle a lot better then it did with
tired shocks, and old a arm and strut bushings.

To 'justify' the extra height, I added a 'few' auxilary lights..
(Yes, I removed the bumper skin, not to mess it up with the light bar)


(You may have to cut and paste the link, as AudiWorld doesn't allow linking
to their pictures)


=Frank de Kat=

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