[urq] Any Denver guys going out Saturday afternoon to Glenwood?

typeasnowboards at aol.com typeasnowboards at aol.com
Fri Aug 8 19:10:09 PDT 2008

Ok, this is Hank Iroz, aka Shavedquattro... I have the white 20vt 81 URQ.? 

OK, This is a long shot, but I am in school and I have to take a final tomarrow here in Utah.....I cant miss it...? I really want to go to the URQ25 event, and my car is actually already up there.? My Father drove, and is willing to drive me home to provo on Sunday if I can fly in on Saturday.? my question is this

ARE any Denver guys going to the event on Saturday afternoon in Glenwood that would want ot pick me up from the airport?? I could help with gas or whatever to get out there. I think my flight comes in right at 1pm from southwest.? If so, PM me asap, and we can have are a mini road trip....? Any takers?

I would REALLY appriciate it!!!!? 

Does anybody know of anybody?? Or any possible ways?

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