[urq] Converting quattro to rear wheel drive only

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Mon Aug 25 19:55:26 PDT 2008

... shouldn't take too much on a locker transaxle ... pull the front half
shafts, and disconnect the outer knuckle from the shaft and reinstall to
keep the front hubs together.  Figure out some way to permanently force the
center diff lock mechanism to lock the diff ... Voila!  I'd recommend
leaving the drive flanges on the transaxle in place.  

Why would someone want to take an all wheel drive car and turn it into RWD?

Of course all bets would be off if you had anything other than a manual
locking center diff ... although there may be some way to replace the center
Torsen with a locker ... 

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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Dear Audi Fans:

I once saw a website that showed a 4000q that had been converted to rear
wheel drive only.

I can't find it again.

Does anyone have any info on the work required to disengage/lock out the
front wheel portion of the trans?

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