[urq] SEMA Urgent Legislative Alert: California Lawmaker Trying

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Thu Aug 28 08:46:25 PDT 2008


The cost and efforts I've had to go to to keep my '83 Ur Quattro registered and pass
bi-annual inspection probably wastes more time and generates more pollution than if it
weren't required.  I had to get the car running, work out some issues and drive the car
more miles to get to/through inspection than if there was not requirement.  I had just
put in a new engine and have not worked out the issues and now will likely have to get a
waiver or re-register the car as historic.  AFAIK the whole thing is a boondoggle in my
state ( Maryland ).  The law should recognise that enthusiasts who own these older cars
do their best anyway to keep things in good tune.

I haven't put more than 10K miles on the car since I've owned it and have had to get
through emissions 4 times already.  Really it is ridiculous to have to have the older
cars that aren't driven as daily drivers to go through - they couldn't even find mine on
their list.


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On Aug 27, 2008, at 6:31 PM, Steven B wrote:

> I suppose many folks here are like me ... NONE of the Audis I own  
> are new than 15 model years old.  It is frustrating enough to have  
> to go in every other year for a SMOG check, and now California is  
> trying to sneak in a change to make it every year.  I hope every  
> California audifan will deem this important enough to take a few  
> minutes to have your voice heard on this subject.  If you are  
> interested in preserving your rights as an owner of older vehicles  
> you might want to consider joining SEMA.

For decades, states had annual emissions inspections.  What's the  

Also, I don't buy that crap about "small proportion of vehicles"-  
these days, one car older car in bad condition can put out emissions  
an order of magnitude greater than a several-year-old LEV/ULEV vehicle.


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