[urq] SEMA Urgent Legislative Alert: California Lawmaker

Brian Cabalic brian at cabalic.com
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Cali UrQ owner here.  Question: If I have not registered my URQ yet
(Meaning... I obtained it legally but it is just sitting in my garage, not
running,  waiting to be restored and not yet registered under my name) would
it be safe to assume that when I'm ready to get it running and driving, I
will still have to smog it since I'm registering it for the first time?

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What Ben said...and I'll echo it. I bought my Ur-Q around 5 years ago now.
Under the present CA laws it has already had three smog inspections (the
first to bring in from out of state). I have put a grand total of maybe 3000
miles on this car total, to date. Because of the number of cars we own, and
because I bicycle commute to work, all of our cars accumulate only a few
thousand miles a year. Doubling the smog inspection interval from two years
down to one won't do much of anything in our household except cost us a lot
of money we really don't have.

Mike Veglia
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