[urq] California Vehicle Registration Law

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Fri Aug 29 07:13:15 PDT 2008

Awww, c'mon Bob ... you'd love it here!  We spent a few days on the Sonoma
coast near Bodega Bay a couple weeks ago ... no bird attacks ... close
enough for a quick weekend hop from civilization to having ocean views from
the cliff and a chunk of beach below.  If you like snow and winter sports
they're only a couple hours away too.  My mom and her friend just got back
from a drive down to Monterey and along the PCH to Pismo Beach and
everything in between ... (my mom is 73 and I think her friend is even

All that stuff I talked about is for people who already live here.  That car
my brother tried to bring in would have had no problem were he moving in to

If you are serious about moving to California and are worried about
importing your cars, let's talk offline to see what you're talking about (I
know some of it and I wish it were closer to me :)  If your car is
registered out of state it may not be that difficult to bring it in.

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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And this is one of the biggest hesitations I have to move to CA.  I have 
too many 'odd' cars and none of them stock. Im afraid if I were to get 
there, Id have to sell them all, and that isnt worth it either.

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