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Fri Dec 12 22:55:21 PST 2008

Thanks Ben and the others for passing along your BTDT … I found it extremely useful!


I looked back at when this process started last year … in some ways it is a bit scary to see that similar discussions are happening at a similar timeframe … J  The thing was that we got wrapped around the axle on figuring out locations and such … and nothing came of it.  Fortunately this year we can benefit from what the Colorado folks did and learned last year.  The one thing I am taking away is that we need to get a local team working on the event … I usually go for consensus building at this point.  BTW, I like the rumors we see about wheels already turning out there … 


Sooooo … I want to get some wheels turning on a Northern California event … I don’t know that we have the rallying point they have in Colorado, but there are a lot of cars in our area, and 034Motorsport, 2Bennett and Stasis … I’ll try some shoulder tapping off line, but if there are any folks in the area who would be willing to work on putting the NorCal urq26 event together send me an e-mail off line.  Once we have some of the basics together than perhaps we can start talking to the other working groups about coordination … 


Really looking forward to urq26!


Steve Buchholz



I’ll throw my $0.02 in here….since you asked


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