[urq] "ashes to ashes"

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. yeah, I was thinking about that as I was posting . and you do have a
point.  It's funny, most of the sunny days I ride the Beemer, so the urq is
seeing service in Kahleefohnia's "wintery" weather . but even on sunny days
I find old DA222 puts a good smile on my face.  The nice thing about being
here is that you can drive for a couple hours and play in the white stuff if
you're so inclined.  




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gee Steve,


I kinda feel bad for ya...  I woke up this morning to a few of inches of
snow, then about four inches of slush with temps right around freezing.
Forcast is for heavy rain, then for everything to freeze.


I'M GOING FOR A RIDE !!!  whoz with me ???





urq <urq at pacbell.net> wrote:

While it would be great to have another urq fan on our side of the pond, I'd
wonder if you shouldn't consider living somewhere else in Europe than the
USA. I might consider moving north myself ... perhaps become a local for
the Targa Newfoundland (my mom's a Newfie) ...

All that said, I must say ... the weather is great out here in Kaleefohnia
(70F and not a cloud in the sky today), and there are a whole bunch of urq
owners and fans here ... c'mon over if you'd like!

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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Now I've written those down I've an urge to emigrate.

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