[urq] Fiberglass urq parts

Robert Pastore pastorer at optonline.net
Fri Feb 15 09:24:48 PST 2008

In restoring my 20v urq, I've wound up making molds and producing a bunch of 
fiberglass parts for the urq.
The parts I've produced are:

Front fenders
Rear quarter panels
Rocker panels

Sport Quattro Hood & Grill -- the factory replica sport grill is a difficult 
piece to fit to a ur.  The fender contours are different, and the large bow 
in it makes it difficult to fit to the stock ur hood line.   I've produced 
several of these factory replica grills, but for the above reasons, have not 
been happy with the fitment with the stock hood (or sgi style/fiber images 
sport q replica hood).   I tried to solve this problem two ways:  I produced 
a sport quattro hood that had an extended leading edge, in order to match 
the curvature of the sport q grill.   I still wasn't happy with the fit and 
the look, so instead I made a new sport q replica grill that lies much 
flatter than the factory original, and matches the oem hood and fender 
lines.   It's almost complete, and it looks really great, but being less 
bowed, the look is a litle less aggressive that the original sport q's.  The 
Sport Q headlights were also used on a Euro Passat, and should be common, 
but they are becoming somewhat difficult to find. Still to complete on this 
project are the OEM clip-on mounts.    Once I'm done, I can take a mold of 
the finished piece and reproduce it if there is enough interest.

Door pockets -- I've done replica late-door pockets.  They look great, and 
are really heavy-duty compared to the original plastic crap.   My intention 
now is to build an extension to a set I've produced and make a set of door 
pockets with integral speaker enclosures.

Rear parcel shelf.  -- My parcel shelf was pretty torn up from prior stereo 
installs.   I reproduced the parcel shelf in fiberglass, and my intention is 
to customize one similiarly to the door pockets.    I know it's a bit "pimp 
my ride", but I think I can pull it off tastefully, and this car is already 
20v, coilovers, big brakes, etc....and my intention is to bring it back from 
being a track car to being somewhere between a car show hot rod, a pristine 
urq 20v, and a daily driver.

Anyway, if there is any interest in urq fiberglass, please let me know. 
I've can send photos of any/all of the parts.

Bob Pastore

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