[urq] Headlight Warning Chime ...

k1drbar k1drbar at pacbell.net
Sun Feb 17 11:07:42 PST 2008

It’s funny, for some reason I thought the urq came with the headlight
warning on the chime unit 
 came out to a dead battery after a long day at
work yesterday 
 headlights on, battery dead.  I checked the wiring diagram,
sure enough the chime will remind me if I left the keys in the car (even
though I can’t lock the driver’s door without the key), but not the
headlight.  It won’t chime on the radio either, but I actually prefer it
that way.


I found the newer cars have an extra pin for the chime to connect the
headlamps, and the plug that the relay attaches to has room for the
connection.  I even found that I had installed a chime which has the pin in
my car somewhere along the way.  All I need to do is to add a contact for
that pin and wire it to the parking light circuit and I should be set.  


Steve B

San José, CA (USA)

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