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Mon Feb 18 11:56:36 PST 2008

there is
a leak in the main circuit, then I would replace the master cylinder =
away. Don't be fooled by the situation, a failing hydraulic circuit can =
bizarre behavior for a while without a definite pattern. Focus on the =
that you lose braking power occasionally, you're not loosing brake

More, the MC is inexpensive and very easy to replace... If yours is old
enough that you don't remember it's age, do it.


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Hi Guys,=20

I have a small problem, I beg your pardon if this has allready been
discussed on the list.

My -88 MB does OCCASIONALLY the following:

last summer on my way home sitting in heavy traffic, only on hot summers
days, and even then very occasionally, at first the brake pedal started =
feel a bit firm. I had no problem with lack of brake assist though and =
pedal travel was normal.

When I got out on the motorway (about 80-100 km/h), and after a few =
drive the pedal went almost all the way to the floor, before the brakes
worked, and at this stage there were no assist on them. I have never had =
problem with brakes locking up.=20

This happened about 3-4 times during whole last summer, and I drove the =
to work every day.

The problem ought not be with the bomb while it is quite new. I cannot
remember how many times I can press the pedal before it gets hard, from =
top of my head approx. 20-30 times.=20

The weird things are that this happened very occasionally and only when =
was hot, after sitting in heavy traffic, never during a traffic jam.

Any ideas?

Helsinki, Finland
-88 MB with NEW window winders and studded tires

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