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Mon Feb 18 11:56:36 PST 2008

mightyvac from the nipple on the top of the wastegate. It is not easy to
remove from the wastegate assembly because it is bolted to the piston =
the piston rotates in the WG. You must find a way to secure it, and =
that piston/cup is very brittle, I broke one in a junkyard while trying =
save the diaphragm.

While I was rebuilding my WX, I found numerous little exhaust leaks on =
engine, usually cylinder 5 is leaking from warpage. There was also =
of leaks at the WG to Downpipe corrugated pipe, to the extent that I
installed some crushable gaskets from a Japanese front pipe. Very tricky =
install, but with the exhaust on the bench, much easier. Now, I guess =
install it (one huge assembly, EM + turbo + DP + corrugated pipe) on the
engine before the swap because bolting it on the head while in the car =
not possible (in one piece).=20

So Frank, test the wastegate, and if there is no leaks, you may have to =
do a
R+R on the manifold to correct the leak.=20


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Objet=A0: [urq] Wastegate Bellows Replacement tips?

I've been getting what I thought was classic 'cracked exhaust manifold'
noises.  Kind of 'poppy' soudn under load.

I though I'd  try to find the exhaust leak (back end of the motor), =
the 'stuff'  that is back  there..

I'm sticking my hand down underneath everything, trying to feel for the =
before the exhaust heats up. Not much of a window of time to do that, =
it's too hot to touch... :-)

Good thing is, it seems to be a leak in the wastegate bellows, so means =
least the manifolds doesn't have to come off.

Bad news is, it still looks like it might be a 'fun job' to replace the
belows, while the motor is still in the car.

Anyone have any tips to changing the bellows while the motor (MC1) is =
in the car?


=3DFrank de Kat=3D
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