[urq] Window Regulator Motor Woes

Ingo Rautenberg ingo.rautenberg at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 11:41:03 PST 2008


Yes, you must try it again with it inserted into the gear housing.  
The shaft must be supported at each end of the shaft.  Currently you  
only have the shaft supported at the bottom.


On Jan 13, 2008, at 2:07 PM, Maurits Jonkergouw wrote:

> Hi all, I need help with diagnosing the culprit of my dead Brose  
> worm window regulator motor. The long worm shaft did not rotate  
> freely so I sprayed a lot of WD40 inside and used a vice grip to  
> rotate it with (great) force and after some serious grinding  
> noises, it eventually freed up and could turn the rotor cleanly by  
> hand (but when I turned the switch up/down, it got stuck again).  
> Also, I can't completely pull out the shaft either, it stops after  
> a good 1/5 part or so...
> So the question is: should it turn otherwise? Perhaps it can't  
> rotate at all with the switch because it's not put back in the gear  
> housing i.e. the shaft is not dead center (magnet force)? And if  
> the carbon brushes are worned out, can they be replaced, and with  
> what? (if I can get the shaft out in the first place). Secondly, I  
> can't see how I could remove the plastic cover that hold the  
> brushes either...
> Any clues? Thanks.
> Below is a picture of my Brose P/N 855 958 802 B (right -passenger- 
> side in my case). The Audi P/N is 855 837 398 B which is correct  
> per ETKA for the 1986 > model.
> http://www.moregraphics.nl/quattro/images/broseworm.jpg
> Regards,
> Maurits
> 1986 quattro GV
> (sold the others)
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