[urq] CQ & urq Rear brake upgrade & Comparison

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 08:20:53 PST 2008

Thanks for reply Andrew,
On the UR-Q I think I have it figured out.  Seems its the other way around.
IE...you need V8/S4 Rotors.  The 91¹ 200 rotors are the upgrade for the
5ktq/200 10v Cars. 

As for hubs, 90q uses its own hubs.  They are 4x108 but that doesn¹t mean
much.  What I mean by that is that the hub to rotor mating surface is the
same on all the hubs so you can re-drill a rear set of rotors to match.  On
my 4ktq I¹m running UR-Quattro struts with 5ktq rear Hubs as the ur-q hubs
push the wheel to far out.  Because of this I cant run the ur-q rotor or the
5ktq rotor.  So I have to run a 4kq rear rotor that is drilled to 5-bolt.

I¹m not afriad to put 5-bolts on the CQ as then I can share wheels with my
ur-q which would be nice.  But alas, I cant seem to find the specs for the
rear brakes of the CQ.  IE...Offset of rotor, etc.  I wish there was a
listing somewhere of Audi Rotors and their offsets.   As well as Audi Hubs
and their respective offsets.  I know an S4 front hub pushes the wheel out
³6mm ?² more than a 5ktq hub.  I¹m not sure where the ur-q hub falls in
here.  I also know a ur-q rear hub has MUCH more offset then a 5ktq / 4kq
rear hub.  5ktq/4kq are same offset hubs but use very different rotors
because the 5ktq uses a different caliper and carrier in back.  But you can
swap the hubs freely to convert a 4kq to 5-bolt.

Ahhh, To many numbers.

From: Andrew <afinn1 at gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 14:52:26 -0800
To: <tquattroguy at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [urq] CQ & urq Rear brake upgrade & Comparison

Todd, if you're using 4KQ hubs... aren't they 4 bolts. Won't work. As for
the rotors I have done this conversion on 2 urqs, so you'd think I remember,
but I think the V8 urS4 rotors don't work, you need the 200 ones (because of
offset issues). It could be the other way around, but I'm pretty sure.....
Andrew Finney
1985 UrQ

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