[urq] WX slow returning to idle

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Tue Jul 15 11:26:56 PDT 2008

Hi everyone, quiet month, eh ?


My car is now going well overall, waiting for a paint job later this summer.
But I wonder if I did not hook something backwards, or one part is defective
because the engine is very slow when returning to idle, like if the flywheel
is 100 lbs. 

Is there an obvious thing that would cause this ? 

I checked IST and found that if the ECU temp sensor or the idle switch are
bad they would affect timing, so I will check them first, but maybe I just
let more air in with closed throttle via the deceleration (blow-off) valve
by hooking it backwards ? Or the on-off valve for the gas tank vapor
circuitry ? 


Any ideas where to look ?



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