[urq] WX slow returning to idle

Maurits Jonkergouw urquattro at moregraphics.nl
Tue Jul 15 11:39:26 PDT 2008

I had this once and was related to the CO% being way off scale. But does 
this occur only when returning to idle? Perhaps your throttle inner/outer 
cable needs lubing... Dunno if this helps.


1986 quattro GV

> Hi everyone, quiet month, eh ?
> My car is now going well overall, waiting for a paint job later this 
> summer.
> But I wonder if I did not hook something backwards, or one part is 
> defective
> because the engine is very slow when returning to idle, like if the 
> flywheel
> is 100 lbs.
> Is there an obvious thing that would cause this ?
> I checked IST and found that if the ECU temp sensor or the idle switch are
> bad they would affect timing, so I will check them first, but maybe I just
> let more air in with closed throttle via the deceleration (blow-off) valve
> by hooking it backwards ? Or the on-off valve for the gas tank vapor
> circuitry ?
> Any ideas where to look ?
> Louis-Alain

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