[urq] Brake pressure regulator

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Wed Jul 16 17:35:35 PDT 2008

Same here.  FWIW I  did have a problem with the bomb that needed replacement and had the
double O'S#!+ once when the brakes applied and no braking and then a second later to
full lockup.  After replacing the bomb, the G60 front brakes work perfectly - especially
when panic stopping.  Stops on a dime with no added excitement.  Fronts are G60 from '87
turbo quattro avant and rears I think I used '87 tqa as well, since I had to convert to
dual cable brakes.  Eventually I plan to convert to V8Q rears and maybe Posche /Brembro
4 pot (not big red) calipers in front, but I can't complain about the G60 setup.

However, I would be interested in any reasonably priced adjustable
regulator/proportioning valve if it is something that should be done.


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I did the 5000 G60 upgrade and master cylinder upgrade (bigger 23,8 mm P/N
443 611 021 also from 5000) but kept/replaced the stock pressure regulator (P/N 803 612
303), and I never locked the rears during emergency stops because of a wrong bias. FWIW.


1986 quattro GV]

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