[urq] Brake pressure regulator

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I think I'll drop the idea of rebuilding the old regulator and try to call quattrocorner in the UK for a original and Tilton for an adjustable one. 

The thing is I want to keep everything looking original... Are these adjustable ones much bigger than the original, could anyone with one installed tell me

Johan Hisinger
Helsinki, Finland 

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There are manual, adjustable brake bias valves that are often used in the
earlier urqs when someone converts the front brakes from the single-piston
calipers to the double-piston G60 calipers.  When this conversion is done,
the factory front/rear brake bias valve (the one that is leaking on your
car) is somewhat dangerous in that the rear brakes can lock up in a panic
stop.  A company called Tilton makes them here in the States.  If you want
to investigate that approach, I'll find the model number of the one that I
put on my Euro '82 urq.  It has a handle and five different front/rear bias
positions.  It is an easy install (maybe you need to get one extra short
brake line made) and it has worked on my car without problems since 1996.

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Hi q-friends,

sorry I haven't been that active on the list lately. But now to my question.

after a spirited drive with my -88 MB on the countryside, I noticed that the
brake fluid level was low. I traced the problem to the brake pressure
regulator (not sure thats the right name, but it is the device that sits
below the brake master cylinder, which divides the pressure between the
front and the back in case of a falure)

well back to the problem. The pressure regulator seems to be leaking. Has
anybody repaired this, or do I have to search for a new one? I suppose its


Johan H
Helsinki, Finland
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