[urq] clutch cylinder seals shot on urq

Steve Marinello smarinello at entouch.net
Mon Jul 21 17:13:16 PDT 2008

So...the '83 had been sitting for a while since the last drive; maybe 
five or six weeks.  It's hot in Houston this summer, too.  The sixteen 
year old decides he'll do dad a favor and fire it up and drive it a 
little.  Unfortunately, he seems to have developed a new attitude from 
some friends that old means balky and you've got it force it.  Does he 
remember to slowly pump the pedals 20 times as per his  old fart dad's 
instructions...nah, he forgot...never even heard me say that.  Anyway, 
he fires it up and goes out on a drive.  Noticed the brake light come 
on, but it went off.  Noticed the clutch pedal wasn't coming up 
quickly.  Also noticed he had to cram it into gear a few times...


After years of getting away without breaking anything by babying it 
until it's lubed up and warmed, it's really messed up.  Sometimes the 
pedal doesn't come up at all.  The first time I drove it after he picked 
me up that day and I dropped him off at the theatre, the tranny clanked 
when I shifted it into gear. (WTF??!)  The clutch pedal was....really 
messed up.  I'd asked him why the f he was stomping the clutch pedal 
down and forcing the shifter, at which time I was hit in the face with 
the aforementioned, "It's old, so you've got to force it" crap.   
Luckily it was only a half mile drive point to point before I could get 
him out of the drivers' seat.  Where did I go wrong?!

SO, I assume the seals in the slave cylinder are toast.  REbuild or 
replace...or replace and rebuild for a spare?  Or just pay someone to do 
it because this new job is taking way too much of my time.  Any advice?  

The clanking tranny is still showing up in my nightmares, but it only 
did it once.  Probably trashed syncro's, too, right?



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