[urq] No stater motor functioning... need help!

Justin Rettaliata jretal at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 13:57:46 PDT 2008

Ok ladies and gents here's the issue.

Our '83 UrQ was running fine and dandy after we bought it, and 2 days later
the starter motor wouldn't kick over.

Everything else fires up when I turn the key, but when I go to start the car
the lights dim a little bit (like there's a load on the system) and nothing
happens. No clicks no nothing. The PO had installed a 2nd starter button to
bypass the ignition switch as well since he was having issues w/ the
ignition switches failing, but unfortunately pushing this button results
with the same non-start issue and the same dimming of lights as if there's a
load on teh system.

My dad pulled the starter motor last night and tested it and it worked fine.
I had tested power to the starter and grounding and it was fine. I also
tested to see if it got 12v to the trigger wire and (iirc) it was getting
9-10v. My dad is going to reconfirm these #s tonight. That seemed too low to
me personally, but I'm not sure what to think at the moment.

Also, all grounds to the battery have been cleaned.

Question I have is... where else should I be looking for an issue?

Are there relays I should be looking for/finding to test if they're working?
Need the car to be operational for another 6-8 months as we're not ready to
start tearing it down yet. Also my mom wants it out of the garage as she
doesn't like it that her car is now sitting outside :-P

Any advice is MUCH appreciated!!!

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