[urq] Urq25 North America - 2 weeks!

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Jul 24 15:59:50 PDT 2008

Well I know a lot of you guys are getting your cars ready as we have about
35 registered cars - with still more who have given us firm verbals - so
we'll see about the final count but it should be higher still.  Amongst them
we have various 20v conversions, stockers, drivers, 10V EFI conversions, a
V8 conversion (hopefully!), one '90 RR, one '84 German Spec, one Sport
Quattro and I'm not sure what else.
******Registration deadline is tomorrow - Friday 7/25.  IF you have not
registered and are seriously thinking about coming - and can't commit yet
for some reason - please let us know by tomorrow so we can try to work with
you.  We have to have numbers in to caterers, lunch suppliers, t-shirt
sizes, etc etc.******
We are still working feverishly one details - it has been a ride.  
Our sponsors who have donated both money and product are to be thanked and
please support them.
3Zero3 Motorsport
Meadow Creek Tire
Sunset Imports
Audi Only
034 Motorsport
McDonald Audi
Slipstream Auto Car
Northern Trust Bank
Ron Davis Radiators
I think we still have more coming on board....and I know we have more stuff
- I just don't know offhand what it is....
We have all sorts of stuff to give away, raffle, and auction (and sell).  We
have t-shirts, golf shirts, hats, an 034 firewall brace, a ShadeTree
Software ECU upgrade, an $800 tire gift certificate, a Ron Davis Racing
aluminum radiator, 034 motor and tranny mounts, 034 t-shirts, stickers, door
ring decals, plaques, various Audi goods and parts, and lots more I can't
think of.
We'll have the tech sessions Saturday morning and check out some of the cars
in more depth.  We have the go-karts on Sunday.  We also have track time
available Sunday for registered urq's for only $50 (bring your helmet).  We
have the drive and group photo with mountain backdrop, Trivia contest,
banquet dinner with Karl Baehr speaking about his experiences with the first
urquattro ever in the US - testing for a year - lots of photos!
For those that want to caravan from Denver - there will likely be a group or
groups leaving from Denver area in the early afternoon on Friday.  
It's been a huge task so far - it's almost here - we can't wait.
'84 urquattro 20Vt

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