[urq] Rear Valance Wheelwell Screws

Mike Sylvester mike at urq20v.com
Thu Jul 31 05:32:48 PDT 2008

I've never seen the factory parts prior to installation, but I would
guess that they are rivet nuts.
I replaced the ones on my car with generic stainless steel rivet nuts.
A rivet nut tool is used to install them.  It is much like a standard
rivet tool.



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> When removing the rear valance, found the 4 retaining screws on each side seized.  Now ready to reassemble and have obtained  the white plastic caps (431 809 100) that press through the holes in the wheel arch lip and the internally threaded aluminum inserts that slide inside the plastic caps (N 030 355 1).  Does anyone know how to anchor the aluminum part inside the plastic cap?  
> Alan
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