[urq] UPG 25 Road Trip

Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Thu Jul 31 07:38:59 PDT 2008

As usual the bandwidth on this list is a bit over whelming, I guess I
will need 

to check my spam filter again... Anyway I thought I would add my 2 cents

respect to the forth coming activities next week in CO.


So.... I guess if I can get all the stuff done on the car, or at least
the top ten

critical issues, like non functional window, blower motors, brake pads

I should be heading off to Glenwood Springs (thanks Brandon) this sort

of time next week.


I think my son Matthew is signed up for the trip, I keep trying to
explain the

concept of 24 hours driving, stay for a bit, and then 24 hours driving 

back, he just nods and looks at me like I am speaking another language.

the joys of a thirteen year old.


I might hook up with Nathan E. in Chicago on the way but it sounds like

has a few "issues" and I might leave a bit earlier and try for a more

drive out there. As traveling back with Pajak promises to be anything
but relaxing...


Mapquest says take Hwy  80 West for ~800 miles with a wee stretch on

Hwy 280. It looks fairly direct, any comments on the pros and cons? 


I would be interested in hearing from the brave folks on the East coast

are heading over. It seems like most of the owners here in Canada are a 

bunch of Jessie's and "aren't able to make it".


Intelligence reports seem to suggest that a certain pearl white owner

be doing a bit of work on his car and it would be great to see that one
in the 

flesh. For those on the fence - get off!, and make all the effort folks

put in organizing this worth-while. It would be great if their hard work

rewarded with a huge turn out.



Cheers, Mike Hopton 


- Made up my mind to make a new start, Going to Colorado with an aching
in my heart

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