[urq] UPG 25 Road Trip

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Jul 31 13:20:34 PDT 2008

Hey I _really_was_ "in the neighborhood"!  LOL


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It has been funny that I have had a few "I just happened to be in the
neighborhood" or "would you happen to have this little part" or "don't
bother sending it, I'll come pick it up" visits to my place by the local urq
guys lately.  Funny how they just so happen to be wearing business clothes
with ties.  I don't want a cape, they tend to get caught in power tools. ;)

At this point I'm not stressed about getting it done in time.  Just getting
back to it has been good.  I've also run into trouble getting parts when
vendors say they will get them to me.  For example, ALL the bolts and
brackets for the car were supposed to be CAD plated, heat stress relieved
and ready for pickup by this past Monday.  Not done yet. Fuel lines?  Going
to have to make new ones as the ones I paid for over a year ago still
haven't been shipped from Germany.  Oh well.


Ben wrote:
....as for a "Certain Pearl car"......I saw it the other day and a "Certain
somebody" would deserve a cape of some sort because they would need to be
superhuman to get it running and drivable in the next 10 days!

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