[urq] gas pedal weirdness update

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Tue Jun 3 18:20:16 PDT 2008

Hi Steve, 

Both bushings are the same dimensions, one was semi-rubber (red in color)
and the other foam.  Replacement is both foam unless you go with the VW
neoprene version which is much better IMHO.

The best way to replace these is to actually remove the pedal from the pivot
bracket i.e. remove the two circlips (you can get those off with your
fingers), remove the two pivot bushings (don't drop them behind the carpet
BTDT), remove the pedal.

Remove the throttle cable from the throttle (that way you get ton of slack).

Install the bushing in the pedal and alloy piece in the comfort of your
home/garage etc.  
Than all you need to do is get the cable into the alloy piece (hence the
slack).  Reinstall pedal in the pivot bracket, and reinstall the cable on
the throttle.

Hope this helps.


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> Well guys...finally got upside down to see which part of the linkage had
> given way and, as expected, it was the bushing, or bushings.  At first,
> I couldn't find anything but dust, but then I found the aluminum plate
> piece (#5 in the ETKA diagram) in the floorboards under the back edge of
> the carpet.
> The reason it 'worked' afterwards is that when I pulled up on the pedal,
> the circular end piece managed to go past and hook behind the end of the
> throttle cable, hence the higher pedal.  The problem is that I can't
> even see the other assembly (15) and have no idea how the aluminum plate
> is supposed to 'mount' up there at all.  I've definitely lost
> flexibility since the last time, and only managed to slice up my wrist
> so far while accomplishing nearly zilch.  There's a plastic housing to
> the right (HVAC, I assume) and, as I said, I can't see the other piece.
> I seem to remember asking this many years ago, but why isn't it just the
> pedal assembly hooked to the cable?  Where/What does that other assembly
> hook to?
> Anyway, the Audi p/n for the front (#6) bushing, 431 721 559, is still
> good and 'only' $10, but not in stock at the Audi dealer, but at the
> same parent owner VW dealer across town has one.  The VW plastic one,
> p/n, 191 721 559, is not in stock at the either VW dealer, the closer
> one quoted almost $12.  Cross listing at the local FLAPS yielded one
> that should work for about $1.50 each.  Since he had to order them, I
> ordered five.  Wonder how long they'll last?
> Martin, the second bushing is NLA and no part number in ETKA.  I also
> love that my Bentley doesn't even show the throttle linkage anywhere,
> unless I'm blind.  SO I've got the one diagram, but still don't know how
> it really goes together, particularly with the aluminum plate.
> As always, guidance and advice is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Steve
> Martin Pajak wrote:
> > Hi Steve,
> >
> > The actual pedal itself is suspended on two bushings (plastic) and
> > circlips on either end.
> > So.. either one of the bushings has failed, or one of the circlips are
> gone.
> >
> > You sure the pedal itself has moved?
> >
> > You could also have a failed throttle cable bushing... those are foam
> and
> > designed to fail when you least expect it.
> > There is a VW plastic bushing that does the trick and will never fail..
> > you will need two of those and might as well when you are in there.
> > I have few of those in my dungen if you can't find them.
> >
> > Cheers
> >
> >

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