[urq] Question about brake upgrade

Jack Walker jack at walkerperformancegroup.com
Sat Jun 7 20:37:19 PDT 2008

Guess it depends on what BBK you go with.

Go with the 996 caliper on a slightly smaller BBK on an 92-95 S car

One of the S2 Forum guys, Cory I think quattronics is his company name, has
a bracket that fits a 996C caliper under a 15x8 Ronal with a modified SQ


So you could have the old school look of the Ronals and 996 calipers, not
the 993TTs but still a huge difference in stopping power!




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got another set of rims ?  no way will a big red fit under the stockers....






Todd Phenneger <tquattroguy at yahoo.com> wrote:


Brandon, I think his primary goal is wanting to know if the BBK kit will

transfer straight over.


I cant answer with assurance But I'm going to guess NO. Here is why.


If on an ur-q, to do G-60's you would use the 5ktq Rotor then that means the

S4 Rotor with its larger "Deeper" tophat offset would not work. IE....

Rotor face would be to far to the inside of the car.


So if the kit your buying is designed for an S-car. Then would assume if

you bolted it onto your urq then the rotor would also sit to far inside

because of the different hubs.


If memory serves the difference between an ur-s hub and 5ktq hub is 6mm per

side. I could be wrong on that. If that's true then assuming the rotor

didn't hit the strut housing or ball joint you would need a different

bracket for the Caliper to move it 6mm inwards.


OR.... A different rotor with 6mm less offset.


I'm just basing this on what I know about S4 vs 5ktq/urq front ends. I am

not familiar with the BBK kit for S4 so I"m not sure.


Good luck. The calipers are bound to work SOMEWAY, its just a matter of





> From: Brandon Rogers 


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> Subject: Re: [urq] Question about brake upgrade


> You'll need the 5ktq rotors (276mm vs 280MM stock urq) but yeah other than

> that it's a swap. Rears should swap over directly from an Ur-S car.


> Brandon

> '84 ur


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> On my UrS4, I am eventually considering Porsche BBK upgrade w/ A8/S8

> When I'm "done" with my s4 will that brake package xfer over to UrQ.bolt

> no modification needed?


> I understand the OEM S4 Griling 60 is a brake "upgrade" to the stock UrQ

> brake setup also?



> Trying to plan some UrS purchases around the idea that when the time comes

> to tear down the S-car I can use some parts on the UrQ.. Like the AAN for

> instance =)


> Brian



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