[urq] One fresh WX back to life.

dgraber460 at aol.com dgraber460 at aol.com
Thu Jun 12 05:50:38 PDT 2008

Great news! I have also experienced that feeling of exhilaration when one comes back to life.
What did you find out, if anything, about the larger pulley diameter of the 3B damper for the alternator?
Did you leave it? I have the same on my 3B ready to go in my car and was going to change it, but alas locktighted the bitch and cranked it in. Now when I think I better change it I can't get it back out. I'm tempted to leave the larger pulley on, but don't want to fry an alternator, or have to drop a motor to switch it back to a WX damper.
Anyone running a WX alternator with a 3B damper?

Dennis Graber
Quality Linings & Painting
Denver, CO

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After 5 months of inactivity, my new to me engine WX 000 011 is alive now.
Thank you very much. 

It looks that I did not mess too many things, because it started on the
second attempt, after cranking it a bit without fuel and spark to raise the
oil pressure. It was too easy, I was prepared to review all basic set-up
(timing belt, ignition, wires, WOT and idle switches, vacuum leaks,
reference and speed sensors, name it...) but she started like a new car. The
only mix up was the oil pressure gauge wiring. I took the time before to
bleed the CIS fuel lines, to clear any dirt and air before installing the
new injector valves. 

In addition to the engine block rebuilt, I also replaced all vacuum lines,
installed proper collars on all of them, cleaned the whole intake track
(inside), sealed properly the exhaust and turbo, installed new output shaft
seals on the transmission, had the flywheel resurfaced, replaced almost
every bolt that were rusted, had the radiator cleaned, and I replaced almost
every rubber grommets for the various systems.  Now you can understand why I
was surprised when it started.

I also found another part that was different on this engine (early 1982 WX)
: the injector cooling duct, the triangle shaped plastic thing, doesn't work
with a cruise control. It doesn't have the indents to make passage for the
CC rod and actuator. Useless information, I know, but I have fun finding
these things...

Now, I must hook the exhaust, she's a bit noisy with only the downpipe,
bleed the clutch cylinders, reinstall the bumper, valance and headlights,
change the oil again, and take a ride ! Oh, she's still on the studded snow
tires, a reminiscence of the moment when she stopped... And if I remember
well, the night before the death of WX 000 454, I spent an hour under the
car, in the snow at minus 12 C, to release a stuck brake caliper and remove
a broken cable bracket. I was supposed to go ice racing the next day, but I
never made it... So I guess I have a rear brake job to do... And a paint
job... And...


Long live the Quattro !





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