[urq] wheel studs

packley packley at verizon.net
Sat Mar 1 15:55:30 PST 2008

I purchased a set of 14mm wheel studs for

my 20V urq.


They are quite expensive because

BMW, etc, use 12mm.  These are really beefy studs.

I do not recall where I got them, and you have to make

a decision how long they should be.  You have a 65 mm,

80, and 90mm choice.


I use them on Bollero 17x8" rims, 35ET.  What I found to my amazement

is same size rims with the same 35ET still have different dimensions.


What fit on one rim, I found would not have enough thread when fully

on the Bollero rims. The threads on the studs stop short at the shank, and
do not 

provide you threads all the way to the hub.


I spent lots for 25 hardened studs only to have to remove them because they

not threaded all the way to the shoulder of the stud.  Very disappointing.


I even had a shop extend the threading to so that the lug nuts would not

on the shoulder without threads. That did not work properly as the hardened
studs were

not easy to thread.


Maybe 2bennetts have this figured out, but I am sure they just resell them.


They are BBS studs and sold by Bimmerworld and others $7/ each plus nuts,
and I will measure them (the car is stored in a warehouse)

but I believe I used 65mm lengths.




Also the nuts are expensive, and you will find the studs will rust after
some use.



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