[urq] Didn't know if you all might be familiar with this (OT)

Ingo Rautenberg ingo.rautenberg at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 13:11:14 PDT 2008

OMG!  Whining perfectly acceptable to me. Would've made for a nice retirement account. 

Ingo Rautenberg

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Subject: Re: [urq] Didn't know if you all might be familiar with this (OT)

And, with the slightest prompting, I can never resist whining about my $750 '66 GT-350...

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I think it's because I'm, ahem, "older" but I'm not gonna make the same mistake with my 
urq I made with several cars when I was "younger".  as a fer-instance, I sold my 70 split 
grill z28 for $200 just to get it out of my parents driveway... doh!  and at around the 
same time, a buddy sold his 65 mustang gt (289 ho) for around the same money.

  granted I REALLY don't expect the urq to appreciate to anything close to what the old 
muscle cars did but my kids are already fighting about "who gets what" when I'm gone... 
  I'm doing it for them, yeah, thats it, doing it for them,,,  double doh !



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