[urq] Slow Tire Leak

Max Hoepli mhoepli at vif.com
Wed Mar 19 09:42:51 PDT 2008

Realized that a slow tire leak is not such an unique problem. Garage charged
$20.00 per tire and rim, removed tire from rim, cleaned, installed new tire
valve, coated inner rim with some substance.
Anyone know with what substance?

Guy in garage said you should go another winter with those tires and  rim
until I'll have to do the same process again. Maybe was kidding.

I had both front rims redone.  

Max, Toronto

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Subject: Slow Tire Leak

Hello all,


Unique problem. Have slow leaking tire, all tires have 5600 km, 9 hole
Al-alloy rims are at least 10 years old from S-Audi, not original to my car.
Was told Al-alloy when getting old will have problem of slow leak due to
oxidizing at inside inner rim. Anyone have such experience? In the tire shop
garage noticed workers will take large buffing machines and clean away this
gray like sediment from inner rims. Piles of gray produced in garage.


1986 Type 44 Turbo Quattro


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