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The tires were rebalanced after the rim's surfaces to be in contact with the
tire were installed onto the ~~ 15 year old rims.





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Hi Max,

> valve, coated inner rim with some substance.
> Anyone know with what substance?

Few months back I had to install ATV tires on the rim. The first
tires I installed, I tried it with no "substance" and the rubber 
surface would NOT slide ONTO the metal rims easily. The second tires
I used ...


And the rubber surface easily slid onto the metal rims. This is what
was recommended online and it worked fine for me. That is not 
to say that pro-tire shops also use soap water. My understanding is
that the soap water (or any other liquid used) has two 
functions (1) to create a seal - like when you wet the suction cup
(2) lubricate the surface for initial mounting.

Again there could be many actual solutions to same symptom. My tires
actually had tiny air leak on the treads. Your tires sounds 
like had leaks between the tire (rubber) and the rims (metal) and /
or valves.


Question: did you re-balance your tires after remounting?

Good Luck,


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> Realized that a slow tire leak is not such an unique problem.
Garage charged
> $20.00 per tire and rim, removed tire from rim, cleaned, installed
new tire
> valve, coated inner rim with some substance.
> Anyone know with what substance?
> Guy in garage said you should go another winter with those tires
and rim
> until I'll have to do the same process again. Maybe was kidding.
> I had both front rims redone.
> Max, Toronto
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> Subject: Slow Tire Leak
> Hello all,
> Unique problem. Have slow leaking tire, all tires have 5600 km, 9
> Al-alloy rims are at least 10 years old from S-Audi, not original
to my car.
> Was told Al-alloy when getting old will have problem of slow leak
due to
> oxidizing at inside inner rim. Anyone have such experience? In the
tire shop
> garage noticed workers will take large buffing machines and clean
away this
> gray like sediment from inner rims. Piles of gray produced in
> 1986 Type 44 Turbo Quattro
> Max

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