[urq] Head Gasket Time??

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> Sorry for the long post but I do not drive my car much and changed the 
> head
> gasket and did a valve job about 4 years ago.
> But the past few weeks I have been doing construction in the garage so I
> would start up the car and pull it out into the driveway just about
> everyday.
> And when I pull it back in the garage I have noticeable amount of water
> dripping down on the ground from the catalectic converter fitting.
> So I checked the oil cap and there was a little bit of light brown stuff
> kinda like when you blow a head gasket I then marked the water fill tank
> with a pen and drove for about 50 miles pulled the car back in and let it
> sit for a few days then checked the mark and the water level mark did not
> move and there was no sign of any of that light brown film under the cap?
> There is no oil floating in the water either?
> The oil even looks clean?
> Could this just be some kind of condensation from starting the car all the
> time and only running it for a few minuets max?

That condensation happens all the time. Just normally the engine heats up 
and evaporates the water out. 

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