[urq] Sport quattro lug nuts query

Fluhr ejfluhr at austin.ibm.com
Wed May 7 08:21:16 PDT 2008

> What did you compare?  Ur-q lug bolt with Porsche nut/14x1.5 stud?
> I did the same.. and yes, there might be a small difference in the overall
> size of the ball (outer diameter), but I also looked at the wheel, and it
> looks just peachy.
> However, I can see how someone safety minded might question the fitment.

I have an Audi factory wheel with a flat center hub area into which
the ball seats are cut (as opposed to recessed like most Audi wheels).
I put three sets of lug nuts/bolts against that wheel to check fitment:

	1.  Audi factory lug bolt, M14x1.5 R13
	2.  Porsche factory (and aftermarket, tried 2) lug nut, M14x1.5 R14
	3.  Lug nut from James Bufkin that looks just like a Porsche
		lug nut but with smaller ball seat, M14x1.5 R13

The Porsche nuts will fit snugly, but against the outer diameter of the
wheel seat rather than on the entire seat.  This certainly can work, but
is not correct from an engineering standpoint and can damage the wheel
seat.  Bufkin's rally Urq lug nuts are perfect, I just cannot find
them sold anywhere.

Ben Howell writes:
>Porsche 356 lug nuts will work.

I tried these, at least according to Pelican Parts.  N 020 112 1 M36
listed for 1960-65 356.  These are still R14 ball seat like the other
Porsche lug nuts.  They don't work on Audi wheels.


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