[urq] The revolt is on!

Andrew afinn1 at gmail.com
Thu May 15 12:52:13 PDT 2008

I sent the following email to the deaf ears at Audi.

I have owned many Audis, almost since I could drive including a 1983 Audi
Coupe, a 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro, 3 audi Quattros (the original quattro
rally cars '83-'85) and a 2004 A4 Avant Ultrasport. I've become more and
more dismayed at the lack of your parts support for the old cars,
particularly the Quattros. You feature these cars on your website and in
your ads and they clearly redefined Audi through since the 1980s but almost
all the mecanical and trim parts that were not shared with the 4000 series
are no longer available. In fact your German car clubs were allowed to buy
up the last few parts in Eurpore. No such thing for us in the US. BMW puts
out ads touting how much they care for their car clubs and preservation
societies. You guys just use the Quattro in ads then leave us stranded
having to machine our own parts. The final straw was that 40 of us Quattro
owners are gathering in Colorado to celebrate the Quattros this summer and
you sicked your corporate attorneys on us because the title of the event was
UrQuattro25. By the way now it's UrQ25. Very disappointing. As owners we
should formally request that you stop featuring the Quattro in your ads.

Andrew Finney
1985 UrQ V8.

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