[urq] Greetings, Pround new UrQ owner

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I have maintained an extensive but rather informal "registry" for urquattros
since 1992.  You probably saw Wylie Bean's email mentioning that perhaps I
had some info on your urq 4DA900065.  It's pretty rare that a urq shows up
these days that never has been put into the Registry, but your is one of
them.  I have a record for 900062 and 900066, but no 900065.  Thanks for
finding a reclaiming a newly found urquattro.  I'm sorry I don't have any
history on your car.

Bill Bremer
Urquattro Registry

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Sup everyone. Brian Cabalic here I go by "deephouse" on most of the other

Proud new owner of a 1983 UrQ Gobi beige found abandoned in Southern
California. I have done as much research as possible to determine the
history.  it was apparently a California car from the beginning, stopped
running around 79K, was repo'd, ebay'd and abandoned before finally
landing in my possession.

VIN WAUDC0854DA900065.

Hope to get it in running order within this year but right now my
priorities are elsewhere so it will remain in storage in San Diego.

Anyways, absolutely honored to own a piece of Audi History! I hope I can
do a good job of restoring it and representing the Ur Quattro in a proper

If anyone happens to know more on the history of this vehicle send me an
email we can chat.

90 CQ (for sale), 93 UrS4, 83 UrQ
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