[urq] The revolt is revolting?

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I tried to help clear things up when I posted this response:

> Andrew, 
> To be 100% clear on the subject, they did not "Sick" thier attorneys on
> for using the name/logo "quattro". 
> It was brought to our attention that Jim Blau was being harassed by AoA
> using the "quattro" logo on his web site and we did NOT want that same 
> harassment. So, we submitted the website to Audi's copyright attorneys in 
> Germany and they simply replied "NO QUATTRO!". 
> So, instead of trying to get away with it, we changed the name before
> had the chance to shut us down. 
> Ben 

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I spoke to the gent who  put up 
the urq25 website within an hour of it hitting the i-net, because of  *my* 
concern about the use of "quattro" on/in any website.  The chain  of events
longer than you summarized, and your letter doesn't jive with the  version
understand. .com/shop/

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