[urq] The revolt is on!

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Fri May 16 09:41:11 PDT 2008


If you can find an original OEM shift knob for an '83 I'll kiss your feet.
There are parts that you will never be able to buy new.
Looks like ball joints and rear tie rods for early cars are those parts.
So are the OEM flex lines for front brakes (a major safety item).
Not everyone is as resourceful as you.

I agree with you that most of the Ur-q owners are on shoe-sting budgets
and even if the parts were available they could not afford to buy them

However, there are people who would love to keep their low mile all
original cars that way.

Eric is looking for the correct lug nuts for his stud conversion... the
P/N 859 601 169 SQ lug nuts are NLA!!!  If a mechanic accidentally cross
threads this puppy, guess what?  The car will no longer be allowed on the
road.  Can you replace it with a Porsche lug nut?  Perhaps.. but for
someone like Eric that is not good enough.. and I appriciate that.
Even the front windshield (which is the same as a 4k) is NLA!!!

So I say Audi has dropped a ball on this one... it's a shame for all of
the people who have spent bunch of money getting their nice all original
ur-q or SQ just to find out there is 0 replacement parts to keep them on
the road.  For the rest of the ur-q owners.. it doesn't matter, they will
keep their cars on the road by drilling out struts to 19mm.. or using
Suzuki Sidekick tie rods in tha back.. or.... or...


> I present that there is a lot of negative focus on Audi on this list.
> They
> haven't supported the urq for years.  It's hard to find a dealership  that
> will even work on one.  I say who cares.  I claim if you  want an original
> urq
> part, *any* part, you can get it.  Period.  I say  you always will be able
> to.
> Parts become rare, and expensive.  If the  car is still rolling, parts can
> and
> will be had.
> Readily available?  You bought the wrong car 15 years ago.  I  have a lot
> of
> first hand experience with urquattros.  Insightful?   Hardly.  I find my
> mistress' good points to far exceed anything that her  mom decides to do
> in support
> of my passions.
> SJ

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