[urq] I'm the type of guy that shouldn't own a urq.

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Admitting you have a problem is the first step towards a cure.

I'm no happier than anyone else on this list that I can't go to the dealer and get any part I want, any time that I want.? Hell, I'd even *gladly* settle for a 6 month?turnaround?for replacement parts.

But since we all know that this will never be the case, we are all left with?3 simple options:

1) "Self-ingenuity" to keep the car on the road, or
2) Cubic dollars to pay someone else to do #1 on your behalf, or
3) Persuade someone in the aftermarket to produce the required parts.

If none of these options are within our grasp, than owning an obsolete vehicle is probably not for us.? Obviously, this is an individual decision.

If your goal is to maintain a 100% OE urq, then you better start scouring the globe for used spares... otherwise you'll eventually be?completely SOL.

I'm not trying to be a dick... but it just seems to me that these are the only rational conclusions.? Pissing and moaning about Audi will get us nowhere (although I too find venting to be satisfying on some level).

My comments are not made to offend... just stating what I think is the unavoidable truth.


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I've always gone to the dealer for parts on all makes - even for my Fords and 
dodges,  but more important I don't know what to do when parts are NLA.   There 
were 3 possible URQ specialist shops within 90 miles of me,  but as it turned 
out the two I tried didn't seemed thrilled to work on my car back in 2004.  One 
eventually said he wanted to set it on fire, the other just seemed to ignore it.    
I paid one guy $3800 for repairs and the other $640. 
I like the urq - have enough money to enjoy the car if parts were available, but 
I don't have a lot of time.   I can't be searching the world for parts.
I'm also afraid to drive it (WX) more than 100 miles from home.  I don't know 
the ins and out of CIS or the flywheel pins, the dizzy etc, nor do I think most 
professional mechanics would.   I know one guy quoted me $4/mile for towing - so 
I always think if it breaks down 200 miles from home I'm facing $800 just to 
recover the car.
If it had the MC - I'd probably feel more confident that someone could fix a 
breakdown.   What if the NLA rear diff seal goes though?
I went to upg CT twice - but that's only 60 miles away and there were pros 
available if my car wouldn't start for the trip home.

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